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PDF Free Download Owners Manual 2009 Chery QQ6 Comfortable Mini Cars

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Online auto mechanic – The general information

The Chery QQ6 is a city car produced by the Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile. It is a four-door sedan which is based on a platform self-developed by Chery. Chery does not intend to faze out its predecessor the Chery QQ, and intends to sell both cars side by side in the market. The Chery QQ6 was designed to appeal to younger buyers with its rounded body. The Interior was particularly arranged for …

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Free Download 2009 Chery Karry Mini Passengers Cars PDF Owners Manual

Online auto mechanicThe general information
Chery Karry founded as a state-owned enterprise in 1997, auto production commenced in 1999 using a chassis licensed from Volkswagen’s SEAT Toledo. Production capacity figures may consider engines and vehicles as discrete, automobile manufacturer in the People’s Republic of China. The Chery Karry became be most-productive Chinese vehicle manufacturer in 2010, selling nearly 700,000 units.

Chery Karry in 2000
For models in 2009, the Chery Karry comes as a family car that has three doors and one sliding door van that can accommodate seven passengers. The Chery announced a new version of Karry comes to production, Chery Karry mini passenger car 2009 Chery is a exquisite workmanship and fully equipped mini passenger car, safter, more comfortable, more functions and more fashions are the key features of Karry. Four wheel braking, automatic closure of four windows, shifting bodies instrumentation layout Units. This vehicle is focus on the countryside market, “It could offer more convenience to China’s countryside customers”.

The engine performance
For engine performance the Chery Karry in 2009 has a classification of Entry-Level MPV is equipped with 1.6 DOHC I4 V8 engine, and with the type of gasoline fuel. An automatic five speed manual transmission is the standard feature.

The safety system
On safety system Chery Karry in 2009 an informal Russian crash test yielded a poor score for a Chery model named the Amulet, but the Chery Karry received a five-star safety rating in C-NCAP, the Chinese new car safety tests, becoming the first indigenous car to achieve such a high-test rating.

This is the owner’s manual that contains all the information and specifications from 2009 Chery Karry, you can get these general guidelines to can get the article free we provide below. We present in PDF file format.

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PDF Free Downloaad Owners Manual 2009 Chery A3 The Best Hatchback

Online auto mechanicFor a basic understanding from Chery A3 is a compact automobile built by the Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile, offered as a 4-door sedan and as a 5-door hatchback. It was revealed for the first time as a concept car at the 2006 Beijing Motor Show and went on sale in September 2008.The car was designed by the Italian studio Pininfarina. In some states Chery marketed with different names, for example in Ukraine and Russia was given named Chery M 11 / M 12, in Serbia with the Chery name Tengo, then in Turkey was given named Chery Niche, in Brazil named Chery Cielo, and the last in Chile was given name Chery Skin / Skin Sport.

The 2009 Chery A3 come in standard with driver and front passenger airbags and additionally it can offer side airbags and as well front and rear curtain airbags. Security system also standard includes ABS and EBD and optional there is TCS. The body structure from of high strength steel sheet. Standard equipment also includes power steering, electric windows, air conditioning, 205/55 R16 tyres with aluminium alloy rims, remote central locking or cd/mp3-player. 2009 Chery A3 is equipped with a machine ACTECO second generation series, Model SQRE4G16, with maximum power is 93 kilowatts, while 3900rpm can achieve a maximum torque of 160 Nm. As a car combining features of high-security, advanced-equipment and high-economy, Chery A3 in 2009 is gradually arousing enthusiasm from the markets. With the dynamic, safe and comfortable feeling that conveyed to customers, and the unique advantages of high-value, fuel-saving and space-saving, A3 has always been the top of focus on all Chinese professional auto websites. 2009 Chery A3 holds a high competing advantage. In addition to the wonderful shape designed by the famous international company Pininfarina, and a breakthrough in car width of near 1.8m, Chery A3 is obviously keeping up with competitors of a higher level. We suggest you have your vehicle serviced at recommended intervals by an authorized Chery dealer who uses authorized Chery replacement parts. Any damage caused by failing to follow recommended operation or maintenance may not be covered by your warranty. This manual contains important instructions and tips concerning the routine driving and regular maintenance of your vehicle. The more familiar you are with the operation of your vehicle the more you will ensure your safety and overall economic benefit while driving. Below we provide the URL that you can get the article for free that we present in PDF file format.

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Free Download PDF Owners Manual 2009 Chery A1 Electronic Stability Control

online auto mechanicChery A1 that also known as J1, Kimo and Face, is a car with a 5-door compact manufactured by Chery Automobile. For 2009 Chery A1 has a style with 5-door, using a machine SQR372 to I3 and I4 0.8 L to 1.1 L. SQR472F using a 5-speed manual transmission and the EZ-drive semi-automatic. For 2009 Chery A1 has a style with five-door, using a machine SQR372 to I3 and I4 0.8 L to 1.1 L. SQR472F using a 5-speed manual transmission and the EZ-drive semi-automatic.

There are three trim levels, Standard, Standard and available, Comfortable and Luxury includes alloy wheels, ABS, ABD, reverse radar back and central locking. It is equipped with more features Dapa this vehicle for the Australian market, including 14-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, two front airbags, six-speaker CD player, air conditioning, electric windows and side mirrors and rear windscreen wiper along with strengthening the body and grill. Optional feature is a floor mat, reverse sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and includes a lamp. Safety features like ABS and EBD are also included, but Electronic Stability Control not available. Because of this, vehicles are not sold in the state of Victoria, which requires all new vehicles sold after January 1, 2011 to come with ESC. This requirement must be fulfilled for all of Australia in the year 2011. Nevertheless, the 2009 Chery A1 to get three stars in the security system in case of an accident. If you still want to get full information from this car, this below we give the car owner’s manual 2009 Chery A1, which we present in PDF file format, you can get the article for free.

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Free Download PDF Owners Manual 2009 Chery QQ3 with 5-speed Manual Transmission

Auto mechanic onlineAccording to the information we obtain in general, the Chery QQ is a city car produced by Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile since 2003. In 2006, the car was renamed the Chery QQ3 in China, when Chery launched their new supermini, Chery QQ6. Many people who claim that this car is a copy of the Daewoo Matiz which is marketed outside of South Korea as the Chevrolet Spark. GM executives indicate the level of duplication of design, noting for example that the door QQ has almost the same modification.

2009 Chery QQ3 0.8 TX as one of the most affordable vehicle for the price. Chery service parts are some of the most affordable on the market today, beating all competitors when it comes to a basket of parts used for routine maintenance. These include manufacturers of components such as air filter (R59.29), filter (R43.34) and the front brake pads fuel, at R194.52 R120.00 almost cheaper than closest rival.

If you still have problems for the specification of this car, here we give you a free get the article 2009 Chery QQ3, which we present in PDF format. With the owner’s manual to provide general information and improvements in your car.

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Free Download Complete Repair and Maintenance Convertible 2005 BMW 645Ci PDF owner manual

Auto mechanic onlineIn order to maintain interior noise levels befitting a luxury car convertible BMW 645Ci 2005, a new roof was developed using the middle layer of plastic that insulates against heat and noise while the outer layer of rubber to keep the elements out. As you would expect in the conversion of this caliber, rear glass window. But what you might not expect is that it can roll down from the summit itself independent. Top is fully automatic, of course, and can be raised or lowered completely to the button you switch. Even you can raise it with the car moving at speeds up to 20 mph.

From the description above is just a little review about the picture of luxury cars like the BMW 645Ci 2005. For more details you can get the article here in PDF file format.

Here we provide a service manual for 2005 BMW 645Ci Convertible that we present in the form of PDF format files. In this service manual, you will find instructions on repair and maintenance of a complete installation. In this document you will find detailed information about the care and maintenance of vehicles. Hint owners also intended to model BMW convertible.

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Free Download PDF Repair and Maintenance 2005 BMW X5 4.8is SAV Owners Manual

Auto mechanic onlineWe make this owner’s manual to make sure that you have to find what you need to understand and operate your vehicle. We provide a free get the article SAV BMW X5 4.8is 2005 Owner’s Manual in PDF file format. This owner manual made you a safe, fun, and trouble-free with your vehicle. We include a list of contents in a car repair 4.8is SAV BMW X5 2005. Among them:

* Overview
* Controls and features
* Operation, maintenance
* Owner service procedures
* Index
* Technical data

Please read this guide before operating your vehicle so that you understand the engine in maintaining your car.

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Free Download Owners Manual Repair and Maintenance Honda ATV in Pdf File

Honda atv snow blade!– google_ad_section_end –> – Here you can get the article a free Honda ATV service manuals online. with the guidelines we have outlined in PDF format.

In this case we want to present a basic and general information about the repair manuals online is “Honda common service manual” which includes information to maintenance and repair the engine on a Honda ATV. This manual in format PDF file covers general information Honda which you can learn here.

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Free Download Repair Manual Alfa Romeo 156 Guide Format Pdf File

Alfa romeo suvThis is a complete guide to manually repair the Alfa Romeo 156 in PDF format. Informative to give an indication of you must always use a specific model workshop manual, and follow all safety rigerously advice contained within it.

Owning and driving an Alfa Romeo 156 is a nice and stylish design, this car makes the owner feel proud. But there are some things you should look. one of its repairs and maintenance that you love this car.

It should be noted, it is shown here is only meant to assist in the care and maintenance of your car. You will get the guidance and knowledge in repairing the machine manually, so you can keep this car engine durability. Please understand that we present in Pdf format.

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Free Download Owner Manual BMW 316i 1991 Repair Guide in PDF Format File

BMW Auto RepairThis is a BMW 316i 1991 owners manual is complete. This information is very important for the owner or technician in making repairs. contents of this guide includes step-by-step explanation of the repair procedure.

You’ll also get an explanation of component parts such as six-cylinder engine, fuel system carburetor, injection, combustion systems and much more. please learn from this owner manual so that you know about the specifications of the BMW 316i in 1991.

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